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Alexander’s Mobile Car Wash was started as a part time business in 1994, while working at the Lynchburg Sheriff’s Department. It was started by picking cars up and taking them to the car wash. After getting knowledge from other car-washes off the Internet and different classes, we built a mobile unit on the back of a Ford ranger pick-up.

Over time there became a big demand for this business. We added and upgraded trucks, equipments, and supplies. It was such a great success that we left our full time jobs in 2005, and Alexander’s Mobile car wash became a full time business.

We specialize in complete hand washing, waxing, and full detailing with options for cold water or hot water washing. We have experience in buffing and small scratch removal. Only professional products are used to ensure the highest quality wash for you and your property. We also clean repossessed vehicles and prep them for resale.

Our services are aimed at your convenience; that’s why you don’t have to take your car anywhere, we’ll come to you no matter where you are! Debit and credit cards are also accepted on site. Check out some of our services HERE.

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